History of the School

The European School Frankfurt was opened in 2002. Originally intended for 800-900 pupils, it soon turned out that the school would grow much faster. Already in 2008 the first extension was planned, but at the same time plans for a new building were taken into consideration.  Parts of the existing building were rebuilt or extended, containers were erected, the modular construction for afternoon activities and school lessons was erected and extended, and a new one-field sports hall was made available to the school. However, the space problem is and remains a constant companion. 

The school is growing continuously, at present about 1,600 pupils attend the school. In addition to the four language sections (German, English, French and Italian) of the early years, the Spanish section was opened in September 2018 in the nursery cycle and is now being gradually built up. For the students without a language section (SWALS), apart from Maltese all languages spoken in the member states of the EU are taught.

In consultation with the European Central Bank, the Federal Republic of Germany has recognised the forecast number of pupils of 2244 by the year 2025, as well as the space required for this school population. The next step has to be taken by the City of Frankfurt, which must provide a suitable site for the new building.

The European School Frankfurt is one of the most successful schools in the system of the European Schools. Motivated pupils, interested parents, committed teachers and efficient administrative staff contribute to the positive learning atmosphere and the continuing excellent final results of our high school graduates, which are recurring every year.