„Phase 0“ at the ES Frankfurt

The construction of the new European School Frankfurt has been on the agenda for many years, the future pupil forecast and the space requirements were officially recognised by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) a couple of years ago, but unfortunately a suitable site has still not not been found yet. At the beginning of a modern school building process, a so-called "Phase 0" is carried out to develop a pedagogical concept, one of the fundamentals for the later building project in the interaction between architecture, pedagogy, politics and administration.

Which school will meet the requirements of the future? How and where will children and young people learn in the future? What will learning and living at school look like in the next 50 - 100 years? What synergies are there between school and after-school learning? How can successful synergies be created? All school stakeholders are involved in this quality discussion: Pupils, teachers, parents, administrative staff, school authorities, school partners, etc.

This process is accompanied by a professional company - in our case "die Baupiolten BDA" from Berlin, with a multi-professional team consisting of architects, school developers and project managers. In various workshops, interviews, simulation games, discussion rounds, etc., the different perspectives are explored and discussed in order to ultimately draw an educational learning landscape that our school community envisions for our school of the future. The results of "Phase 0" are finally incorporated into the concrete planning of the school's architecture and will be presented to the school community at the end of this school year.