Updated Information re Covid-19

Dear members of the school community,

as already announced, we are preparing for the careful re-entry of in situ teaching at the ES Frankfurt with the first year groups. We will start after the May holidays, on 25 May, with P5 of the Primary school and S6 of the Secondary school. In compliance with the hygiene regulations, the pupils will come to school in groups of maximum 15 student on some days, on others distance learning will continue and the students study at home. In order to avoid frequent group changes and to comply with the requirements of the Hessian Hygiene Plan, only a selection of subjects can be offered at present. Detailed information on group divisions, attendance days, timetables, subjects selected, break and general hygiene rules will be communicated to all people concerned with a separate notification sent out within the next days.

At the same time, we are in the process of developing scenarios to gradually allow more classes to come to the school in alternating mode. Our goal is that all classes will come to school for at least a few days before the summer holidays will start, in accordance with the Hessian state plan. However, developments at national and regional level must be taken into account, making long-term planning more difficult at the time being.

With regard to emergency care offered by EuroKids you were already informed on Friday last week.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the good cooperation, the professional handling of the unfamiliar situation, for your critical and constructive feedback. We are looking forward to at least some kind of normality in our school building.

Kind regards,

Ferdinand Patscheider