Do YOU have what it takes to be a champion debater?

Now you have a chance to find out as the ESF has reinitiated its Debating club.

Arguing and debating is part of our everyday lives, we do it all the time unconsciously: expressing our opinion, trying to prove our point, supporting our ideas with examples and rhetorical devices. The Debating Club ESF was created in order to improve these skills, for us to be able to understand and to be understood. Such ability of effective argumentation as well as public speaking is vital in the society we live in.

This activity has vividly existed in the ESF community for almost two years: 2014 until now and beyond. So far this year we have successfully carried out debates on various universal topics such as education, fashion and media. Each meeting included unique arguments, new experiences and important contributions of our members.

Just like last year, we carry out the debate entirely in English, according to the rules of the Oxfordian Debate. Our main organisers are Natalia Lewandowska, Weronika Brzezinska and Karolina Lewandowska (students of S6, S7 English section), Mrs Polonska (L1 Polish teacher). Our chief adjudicator is Mr Esteves (Humanities teacher).

This event takes place every first Tuesday of the month at 16:05 in room 128. We are open for everyone, no matter the age or section.

Throughout the 2016/17 we propose many fascinating debates and are happy to be intellectually involved in issues of the contemporary world. For first semester our exciting  topics are:




This house believes GMO is the best solution to world hunger.


This house believes that cannabis should be legalised.


This house believes Santa exists.


This house supports the death penalty..

For more details please contact: ESFFM.DEBATE@GMAIL.COM

Or contact us in person: Weronika Brzezinska S5 English

Karolina Lewandowska S6 English

Mrs Polonska







YOU, yes, YOU

are the one

we’re looking for,

feel free to join our society!

Debating club

DEBATING SOCIETY ESF. Do YOU have what it takes to be a champion debater? Now you have a chance to find out as the ESF has reinitiated its Debating club. More

Debating is our life companion

Long recognized as an important part of government affairs, academic deliberations, negotiations, philosophy and citizenship, debate is a complex form of communication which can train all of us in critical thinking and creativity - so important in our contemporary world. More

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