Ecuador Project. Because education should be a right!

Caluqui– an indigenous primary school in the Ecuadorian Andes Mountains

Caluqui is a small Andean village 2800m above the sea , in the Imbabura region of Ecuador.

Education is a privilege for a few. At the age of 10, the children are responsible for siblings, cooking and working in the fields.

How it all started

In 2009 a former ESF Student, Lisa Levi, spent a year volunteering within the programme of the Swiss organisation called „Cielo Azul“. She organised various projects to benefit the childrenWith the help of ESF, she was able to realise several of these ideas.

In Spring 2010, ESF financed a playground for Caluqui‘s School.

Scholarship program

Primary education in Ecuador is until 6th grade. Many children would want to continue their education, many are enthusiastic and have the ability. Unfortunately, the expenses cannot be met by most parents. “Cielo Azul” set up an “education fund” which provides 6-year-scholarships for children to start their secondary education. By the end of school year 2011-2012, ESF had collected enough money to provide scholarships for 5 pupils. In the school year 2012-2013 with the support of Eurhope (ECB) 7 more students were granted a scholarship.

Since then, every school year ESF has enabled  6th graders of Caluqui to enter “colegio”.

(Timeline picture created by Joao Maio)


Over the years we have received generous support from various groups.

2011-2012 Ferrero provided us with chocolate  that students could send as a gift to a friend for a donation.

Since 2011 many different group of students have organised and donated money raised from bake sales.

2012  The ESF Primary school donated part of their spring fair profits.

2012 Teachers donated money raised through serenading the students at Christmas time.

Since 2012  the additional funds raised from the sale of school diaries were donated.

2013 Eurhope (ECB) paid for 7 scholarships.

Students donate bottles and the deposit on them is collected as a donation.

Our goal at ESF is continue to give children  access to secondary education. For this we need your help.

How can you help?

You can either make a donation or organise a fundraising activity in conjunction with the Secondary School. New ideas are always welcome.

1 student, six years - 600 €

one year - 100€

one day - 55 cents

Give the children of Caluqui a better future. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!





News Primarstufe

News Sekundarstufe

Erweiterung des Modulbaus – Extension of the Modular Building

Wie bereits im vergangen Schuljahr 2017/2018 angekündigt, werden in diesem Schuljahr unsere Bauprojekte abgeschlossen: Die Sporthalle auf der gegenüberliegenden Straßenseite ist fast fertig und die Erweiterung des Modulgebäudes um weitere 9 Klassenräume wird nun in der nächsten Woche beginnen.

Während der Bauzeit wird es leider zu Beeinträchtigungen des Schulalltags kommen.

As already announced in the previous school year 2017/2018, our construction projects will be completed in this school year: The sports hall on the other side of the street is almost finished and the extension of the modular building by another 9 classrooms will now start next week.

The construction works will unfortunately entail some inconveniencies for the daily school routines.

Opening of a Spanish Language Section/Eröffnung einer spanischen Sprachsektion ab 2018/19 in Pre-Primary

In der Sitzung vom 5. – 7. Dezember 2017 hat der Oberste Rat beschlossen, an der ES Frankfurt am Main eine spanische Sprachsektion zu eröffnen. Ab September 2018 wird diese in der Vorschule eingerichtet.

The Board of Governors decided in the meeting on 5 – 7 December 2017 to open a Spanish section at the ES Frankfurt am Main. As from September 2018 there will be a Spanish class in Pre Primary.

News from the Primary School

Ms Jacobsen has left the ES Frankfurt after 15 years of service, Mr. Fischböck is leaving after his 9th year of secondment. More..


NON, criaient tous les enfants. Mais René, le clown marionnette, ne s'est pas découragé et l'a cherché parmi les musiciens, les acrobates, les clowns, les jongleurs, les danseurs. Plus..

Animation workshop

On Monday 4th of June 2018 Latvian pupils had an animation workshop together with the animation professional Mr. Nils Skapāns from Latvia. More..

White week

In January and early February the P5 classes, in two shifts, spent 5 days in Lenggries, Bayern. More..

Fasching an der ESF

Der Kinderkarneval hat an der ESF einen festen Platz im Verastaltungskalender. Mehr

Incontro con lo scrittore Fabrizio Silei

Teatro " La luz de la Navidad" por los alumnos de Español L1 en P4 y P5.


Celebrado el 20 de diciembre del 2017 y contando con la presencia de numerosas familias. Mehr..

Mini Marathon und Struwwelpeter-Lauf 2017

Anlässlich des Frankfurt Marathon fanden auch wieder der Struwwelpeter-Lauf und der Minimarathon statt. Die Europäische Schule konnte dabei diesmal über 80 Schülerinnen und Schüler aus Primar- und Sekundarschule insgesamt melden. Mehr..


The KIVA project has been officially launched in P2 and P4 with the training of teachers and introduction of special lessons and activities for the pupils. More..

Ours won at Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow



The ESF young entrepreneurs, Mathias Malmberg, Philipp Boyo, Kian Rokni and Owain Pill, convinced the American-German Business Club jury more than any other team. More..





Visiting Bloomberg

The S5 Eco course had the opportunity to visit one of the biggest news agencies world-wide, especially for business and economic news. More..


Green Day

Le mardi 20 mars 2018, la classe de S2 F a organisé « une journée verte» appelée aussi « Green Day » à l’ESF. Mehr..

FAMES 2018 at ESF

Besuch des Instituts für Biochemie der Goetheuniversität

Mit einem Biologie Kurs , 4 hours,  der S7  besuchten wir am 14.11. das Institut für Biochemie von Professor Tampe´ in Frankfurt. Mehr..

Landschaften – Wege

Im September 2017 war der Kunst-Leistungskurs der S 6 mit ihrer Lehrerin Dagmar Poppe und Nino Pezzella für drei Tage in Altenkirchen. Dort gibt es ein Tagungshaus mit voll ausgestattetem Kunstatelier; zum Anfang des Schuljahrs fährt der neue Kunstkurs S 6 für ein paar Tage dorthin. Mehr..

Presentation at ECB about Teenagers and New Technologies, Trend and Risks

Thursday 12 October 18:00-20:00 in the ECB Main Building

Please note that this summary is based on the notes taken during the presentation by Marjut Vallius. The format of the presentation was interactive, i.e. there was a lot of discussion going on between the presenters and the parents, and hence the presentation did not follow a rigid slide by slide approach. The summary is based purely on the notes, without changing the order of anything or adding any personal views or judgement. More..