Christmas tournament 2017

Again the Xmas tournament - which goes into it´s 7th round and thus has become an ESF tradition - proved a great success as hopefully all, but definitely the majority of the students had lots of fun, competing against each other in hockey and dodgeball and playing with one another in a class obstacle parcours. Climbing "Mount Everest" at the end is the highlight and demands team play!  All the students not only put their hearts into the games - furthermore, they demonstrated great sportmanship, fair play and team spirit as winning is not everything! Plus their positive attitude helped to prevent any kind of injury which is great having 200 children participating. The students´enthusiasm created the fantastic atmosphere we had in the gym.

A special thanks to all the reliable and highly motivated s4 helpers who supported the teams and helped with the organization! They did a great job!

But see yourself - pictures express more than words!

S7 Xmas FUN

 Xmas ...a good time to break the routine and enjoy some "crazy stuff" in the sport lessons. Most S7 students enjoyed the "unwanted" :-), competing in mixed groups in dodgeball, doing fun relays  that demanded trust in their classmates as well as team spirit and running an obstacle parcours!


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ZDF quiz show “1,2 oder 3”!

Congratulations P4 DEA who participated in and won (!) the ZDF quiz show “1,2 oder 3”! more

Teatro de Navidad

El día19 de diciembre los alumnos de P4 y P5 L1 espa~nol representaron la obra de teatro mehr



The KIVA project has been officially launched in P2 and P4 with the training of teachers and introduction of special lessons and activities for the pupils. More..

Kangourou della Matematica 2017-Successo sez. Italiana

Il 16 Marzo 2017 si è tenuto il consueto appuntamento con il Kangourou della Matematica. La sez. Italiana fa i complimenti a  Lisa Baltell che si è classificata in 31° posizione su 28815 partecipanti al concorso matematico "Kangourou Italiano" nella sezione Benjamin".

Wir freuen uns mitzuteilen, daß Lisa Baltell aus der italienischen Sektion der ESF an dem mathematischen Wettbewerb "Kangourou Italiano" mit sehr großem Erfolg teilgenommen hat.  In der Rangfolge ist sie an der 31. Stelle vor 28815 Teilnehmern: Herzliche Glückwünsche an die Mathematikerin in spe!