Newsletter October 2015

Newsletter Primary and Pre-Primary School

Dear Parents,

We are already four weeks into the new school year and, despite the usual changing routines, it has been a smooth start compared to previous years.

A big welcome to our new colleagues who have joined the team of the ESF

DE: Tanja Stumpf, Ulrike Weigold

EN: Gerard Bouvier,

FR: Christelle Dewitte, Sophie Brun

IT: Rosalba Silverio

ES: Antonio Langarita

On the first day of the new school year all P1 classes moved into the modular building which we share with our Parents' Association. Children in the pre-primary and P1 classes are able to learn, play, do sports and eat in the same building. The new canteen is also used by P3 classes.

We are happy about the improvement in terms of space, although working across 3 locations poses a substantial challenge for pupils and teachers. The parents' evenings are over and we hope you feel well informed and prepared for the school year.

A successful and fruitful school year 2015/2016 to you all!

Kind regards

Heinz Fischböck

P.S.: Our pupils have raised more than € 1.700 for Nepal. Thank you all for your contributions.

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ZDF quiz show “1,2 oder 3”!

Congratulations P4 DEA who participated in and won (!) the ZDF quiz show “1,2 oder 3”! more

Teatro de Navidad

El día19 de diciembre los alumnos de P4 y P5 L1 espa~nol representaron la obra de teatro mehr



The KIVA project has been officially launched in P2 and P4 with the training of teachers and introduction of special lessons and activities for the pupils. More..

Kangourou della Matematica 2017-Successo sez. Italiana

Il 16 Marzo 2017 si è tenuto il consueto appuntamento con il Kangourou della Matematica. La sez. Italiana fa i complimenti a  Lisa Baltell che si è classificata in 31° posizione su 28815 partecipanti al concorso matematico "Kangourou Italiano" nella sezione Benjamin".

Wir freuen uns mitzuteilen, daß Lisa Baltell aus der italienischen Sektion der ESF an dem mathematischen Wettbewerb "Kangourou Italiano" mit sehr großem Erfolg teilgenommen hat.  In der Rangfolge ist sie an der 31. Stelle vor 28815 Teilnehmern: Herzliche Glückwünsche an die Mathematikerin in spe!