School Year 2014/2015

* P5 FR 

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* P1 DE A-B & C

 Besuch des Senckenberg Naturmuseums Frankfurt

am 14.01.2015


* Carneval in the Primary School

Some impressions . . . . .



Lengua 1 Español   

El concurso de fà¡bulas de Mayo 2014

El Teatro  de Navidad 2014: "ESPAÑOLES POR EL MUNDO"

Alumnos de spañol L1 en primaria y kindergarten.






* P2 DEA durfte als Premierenklasse de Generalprobe der Kinderoper "Hansel und Gretel" anschauen

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*   Português L1

Leituras de Pais para Filhos

*   P5 ENA present a 'Living Museum'





*  Ice-Cream Cake Pop making in P3 ENA

Pupils in P3 ENA have been enjoying a project making ice-cream cake pops

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In October 2014, all classes in Primary Year 2 visited a 'Kelterei' and saw how apple juice is made.


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A reading in the primary library for classes in the French section

The Chinese illustrator and artist Chen Jiang Hong visited the primary library on 21.11.2014. the children were truly fascinated!

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Vorlesenachmittag am 25.11.2014

PP DEB und Klasse P1 DEC

Kinder der ersten Jahrgangsstufe stellen Fara und Fu vor . . . .

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School Year 2013/2014

Some of the many highlights: 




  • Un nacimiento especial, a production of the L1 Spanish groups in primary

                     (see more)


  • Las tres reinas, L1 Spanish groups in primary year 1 & 2 (see more)
  • Pupils in P3, P4 & P5 DE & FR ethics classes, worked together on a project for UNICEF (see more)
  • Christmas in a shoe-box campaign organised by the ESF Parents Association (see more)




School Year 2012/2013 :



News Primarstufe

News Sekundarstufe

News from the Primary School

Ms Jacobsen has left the ES Frankfurt after 15 years of service, Mr. Fischböck is leaving after his 9th year of secondment. More..

Celebrating European Languages Day

On 26 September 2016, pupils and teachers came together to celebrate European Languages Day.

Pupils representing the 23 different languages taught in the primary school present this year's chosen word: "Light".  

ZDF quiz show “1,2 oder 3”!

Congratulations P4 DEA who participated in and won (!) the ZDF quiz show “1,2 oder 3”! more

Invitation to the Spring Fair on 10th May 2017

Teatro de Navidad

El día19 de diciembre los alumnos de P4 y P5 L1 espa~nol representaron la obra de teatro mehr



The KIVA project has been officially launched in P2 and P4 with the training of teachers and introduction of special lessons and activities for the pupils. More..

Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Wirtschaft macht Spaß (und Geld…)!

Wieder haben Schüler des Wirtschaftsleistungskurses der S5 bewiesen, dass sie wissen worauf es ankommt. Beim Wettbewerb „Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow“, welcher in diesem Jahr zum dritten Mal vom German-American-Business-Club organisiert wurde, traten unsere Schüler mit ihrer Unternehmensidee gegen 30 andere Teams an. More..

Walk for the Water

Thank you so much for taking part in the Global 6k charity walk on Saturday, 06.05. organised by World Vision. They were very impressed with our fantastic donations! (so far we have donated € 1447,63).  More..

„A Dream Called Europe – 60 Years after the Treaty of Rome“

The signature of the "Treaty of Rome" in the Capitol in the Italian capital on 25 March 1957 marks a historic day for the European Union. This jubilee was celebrated on 9 May 2107 at the European School Frankfurt with an event jointly organized by the ES Frankfurt and the Italian Consulate General more..

Plastic Reduction Project – S3 L2 classes Respect Week 2017
Auf den Spuren der Antike...

… verbrachten 18 Schülerinnen und Schüler der Lateinkurse der S 4 und S 5  vom 2. - 6. 4. vier erlebnisreiche Tage in Rom. Mehr..

Invitation to the Spring Concert on 16th May 2017 at 19pm

Gondwana Indigenous Children's choir and ESF

The ESF welcomes the Gondwana Indigenous Children's Choir from Australia to Frankfurt. We look forward to an exciting cultural exchange through workshops and a concert given together on Saturday, 6th May at 19.30 in the Liebfrauenkirche, Frankfurt. 

Come and enjoy our own choir singing and discover the Indigenous culture of Australia as presented by our young talented guests in song, stories and dance. 

9. Mai Europatag

Am 9. Mai findet an der ESF eine Tagung zum Thema “A Dream Called Europe – 60 Years after the Treaty of Rome in Ventotene” für die Schülerinnen und Schüler der S5 und S7 statt. Dabei werden verschiedene Themen mit einigen Vertretern der Gründerländer diskutiert. Link zum Programm.

The S4 students of the “European School in the Community Club” cooked food for homeless people. More ...

European Week 2016

During the week 9 to 13 May 2016, the ESF Primary and Pre-Primary celebrated European Week.

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Self defence Course

Eine Gruppe von 16 Schülerinnen (S5 – S7) nahm an einem  von Frau McInerney organisierten 2-tägigen intensiven Selbstverteidigungskurs  im Rahmen unserer Aktivitäten-Woche teil. Mehr..