The transition from the Nursery to the Primary is of major importance in the school life of the pupils of the European Schools and, in a more general sense, for the system of the European Schools.

Teachers, pupils and parents all play a key role in transition. Furthermore, cycle coordinators, support specialists, administrative staff, educational counsellors, management and inspectors have each their own responsibility to ensure a smooth transition from one cycle to another.

Nursery and Primary teachers liaise regularly to ensure a smooth transition for each child to P1. Children transitioning to P1 participate in a Transition Ceremony in June of their second year in Nursery, and are then officially welcomed into the Primary Cycle the following September by means of a Welcome Ceremony organised by their new teachers and the P2 classes.

Upon special request of the parents and with the agreement of teachers and the Deputy Head, it is possible for a child to stay a year longer in the Nursery.

Guidelines for transition nursery/primary/secondary (following document Ref.: 2015-09-D-41)