Educational Advisors

The educational advisors are special contact people for the students in pedagogical matters as well as for administrative questions. They steadily communicate with the directorate of the school and the teachers and are available for parents’ queries.

If you have questions about the timetable, study periods, subject choices, absences etc. you should talk to our educational advisors:

Elena Stefanova
Contact person for S3 and S7
Room C218
Tel. 069/92 88 74-805

Renaud Doué
Contact person for S5 and Exchange students
Room B226
Tel. 069/92 88 74-803

Evangelia Makri
Contact person for S1 and S6
Room C030
Tel. 069/92 88 74-804

Antonio Piccinelli
Contact person for S2, S4 and Exchange students
Raum B136
Tel. 069/92 88 74-807