The European School Frankfurt joined the KiVa program in February 2016. Each school year, primary pupils will receive special Kiva lessons. Lessons normally begin with Kick Off Events and each school year concludes with special KiVa Happenings organized by the Kiva team. The feedback we have received from the students, teachers and parents alike during the time of implementation has been predominantly positive.

The members of the Kiva team are Mrs Kärnä (Coordinator), Frau Christ, Frau Schmidt-Gärtner, Mrs Schobert, Mr Langarita and Mr Mallon. The task of this team is, together with the classroom teacher, to tackle any cases of bullying that come to light. The Kiva team works closely with all the Primary School teachers, the school psychologist and the school direction.

If you suspect that your child is being subjected to bullying or have reason to believe that he/she is bullying others, don’t be afraid to contact the school so that the matter can be dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. You can either contact your classroom teacher or the KiVa team directly:

If you have contacted the class teacher, he/she will inform the Kiva team immediately. It is then the KiVa team’s responsibility to tackle the possible bullying case with the support of the class teacher. The team will also inform the parents of students involved about further actions. Please refrain from taking further action outside your home by contacting other parents or students involved. Experience has shown this form of involvement is unproductive or even counterproductive.       

A Parents’ Guide to the KiVa program is available in English on the KiVa website:  by clicking on ‘parents’. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Kiva team.