The standard procedure for the Nursery for a child’s short-term absence due to sickness is for the parent/legal guardian to inform the class teacher via email by 8:30 on the first day of the absence.

After an absence of more than two days, pupils should present of a medical certificate upon their return.

If an absence on personal grounds for a Nursery or Primary pupil is desired, then it is necessary for the parent/legal guardian of that child to email a request to Ms Clancy, Deputy Director, (una.clancy@eursc.eu) explaining the reasons for the absence.

A written request for absence on personal grounds must include the full name and class of the child, as well as a statement that all insurance responsibility for the child during their absence from school will be overtaken by the child’s parents/legal guardians.

Please see General Rules of the European Schools, Article 30, on the European Schools website.