Counselling Team (Mediation)

Over the last years, the challenges facing our students have intensified and as a school we are well aware of the need to provide for our students’ welfare.

To this end, we have a number of people and groups within the school that are dedicated to helping our students. These include

  • The school’s counselling team
  • The school psychologist
  • The school nurses
  • The pedagogical supervisors

Who we are

The Counselling team is a group of teachers from each language section who work together to provide support and care for the students in our school.

The names of the counsellors appear below. If you wish to contact any one of these counsellors, please use the email provided.

Where we can be found

We have a dedicated room, the Life Chatroom (C040), which is open each day at 10:50, where students can find help. Students can drop in any time the door is open.

What we do

We believe in approaching problems in a positive way and many of our interventions are preventative.  We organize and provide workshops to address specific problems that our students may encounter such as bullying, stress, isolation, communication with others, etc.  In addition to our workshops, our Buddy events are focused on bringing together S1 and S4 students to build new friendships and support one another.

We encourage students to visit us when they feel the need to share a problem and we will do our best to support and help them. In cases that are more serious, we refer the student to the school psychologist for further assistance.