Orientation - Career Advisors

The careers guidance programme begins in S2 with two sessions in the Autumn semester, focused on getting the students to think about their skills and interests and what this could mean for the world of work. This is followed by a parents evening in January which looks in more detail at the choices available for S4/S5. 

In S5 the careers guidance programme is made up of three sessions, which, building on the work done in S2, prepare the pupils for the subject choices in S6/S7, along with informing students regarding further study and pathways beyond school. Again there is a parents evening in January which deals with subject choices. At the end of S5 all students are required to complete a work experience placement.

In S6 and S7 further work is done to prepare students for university applications, including attending the annual alumni meeting and university information fairs. Useful links are listed below for further research. Subject choice forms and work experience contracts can also be found here.

Alessandro Zangrossi
Teacher (Italian section)


Thomas Leistner
Teacher (German section)


Mélanie Heddrich
Teacher (French section)

John-Paul Keane
Teacher (English Section)


Larissa Sanio
Teacher (English section)


Useful links

  • Italy
    Universitaly www.universitaly.it
    Ministero dell'Istruzione dell'Università e della Ricerca www.miur.gov.it
  • England
    For all University applications and information www.ucas.com
  • Germany
    Bewerbung für ein Studium an deutschen Hochschulen www.hochschulstart.de
  • France
    Pour toutes informations sur les formations françaises et les métiers, je conseille de visiter le site de l´ONISEP (éditeur public): www.onisep.fr 

Subject choice forms

Excel files for subject choices

Bilingual Subject change form (English and German)

Contract for the work experience in S5: DE | EN | FR | IT