Absences from the Secondary school should be communicated to the respective educational advisor or, in urgent cases (e.g. exams), by calling the school secretariat. Students who are absent for more than 2 days, are required to provide a medical certificate when they return to school. The same applies to children who are absent on schooldays directly before or after the holidays.

Absences for reasons other than illness are not permitted unless authorised in advance by the Deputy director of the Secondary school. Please be aware that permission for absence for the week immediately before or after school or bank holidays will not be granted.

Please see General Rules of the European Schools, article 30, on the European Schools website.

In accordance with Article 30.3.b. of the General Rules of the European Schools, if the number of absences exceeds the threshold of 10% of the periods actually organised in one or more subjects, there is a risk that it will not be possible to be awarded a mark in this/these subject(s) at the end of the school year, in which case it will not be possible to be promoted to the year above.

Information about exemption from Physical education can be found here.