Bewegung macht Spaß und das haben unsere Schüler und Schülerinnen in den vergangenen zwei Wochen durch das „WheelUp!“ Projekt erleben können!

Von Mittwoch, dem 29.05.2024 bis Mittwoch, dem 12.06.2024 stand der „WheelUp!“ Wagen an unserer Schule.  
Im Rahmen des Sportunterrichts hatten die Kinder aus der Primar- und Sekundarstufe die Möglichkeit, neue Gerätschaften kennenzulernen und auszuprobieren.

Durch das „WheelUp!“ Projekt haben wir die Möglichkeit erhalten, den Fokus bewegungstechnisch auf die Themen Rollen, Gleiten und Fahren zu legen. Ob mit Roller, Skateboards, Inlineskates, Longboards oder BMX-Fahrrädern, die Kinder hatten sichtlich Spaß.

Einige Kinder haben neue Regeln und Bewegungsformen im Umgang mit den Geräten erlernt, manche konnten sogar mit ein paar Tipps und Tricks den Unterricht bereichern und die Klassenkameraden unterstützen.
Besonders spannend war für die Kinder das Überqueren der Rampen und Durchfahren von Hindernissen.
Auch eine Klasse der Nursery hatte die Gelegenheit, verschiedene Spiele und Übungen im Sitzen und Liegen mit den Skateboards auszuprobieren.

Wie funktioniert das überhaupt?
Wie lege ich die Schutzkleidung richtig an?
Was muss ich tun, damit ich vorankomme und wie bremse ich eigentlich?!

Ein Sportunterricht der besonderen Art, den wir hoffentlich in den kommenden Jahren wiederholen werden!

Friendly Volleyball Match

Following a most successful Eurosport event, in Luxembourg, the ESF Sport Teachers wanted in on the action and challenged the ESF Eurosport Team. This was in the form of a friendly volleyball match after school in the sports hall on Tuesday the 7th of May 2024.

The match began with the students seizing an early victory in the first set. However, the teachers regrouped and displayed their resilience as they claimed victory in the subsequent two sets, ultimately securing the overall win. Once again there was a great atmosphere and both teams showed their competitive spirit.

Following the intense match, both students and teachers gathered for a post-game barbecue, that everyone contributed to. Benjamin Zapf, the Grillmeister, was much appreciated. 

This event showcased how moments of friendly competition can bring individuals together. It served as a reminder of the value of sports not only in promoting physical well-being but also in creating a sense of community within the school environment.

Special thanks to Mr Misik who organised this event, Mr Doue who led the teachers; Herr Becker, Mr Brocca, Ms Ivanova, Frau Nykiel, Herr Rubke, Ms Tome, Herr Sorg, Mr Thrun, and Frau Dahl for being an impartial referee.

The students are looking forward to a rematch. 

Sienna Cramer


ESF wins Skyliners basketball tournament

Last Friday the ESF, among 3 other schools, participated in the traditional Skyliners basketball tournament. The tournament was exciting and thrilling, with the final match being tense until the last buzzer. The first match was split into 2 halves of 12 minutes, and the second match was only 1 part of 8 minutes.

The first match the ESF team played was against Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg Schule. From the very beginning, the ESF proved to be the dominant team, and quickly gained the upper hand by scoring 34 points in the first half. This continued well into the second half, with the ESF triumphing against the GCLS 70:18.

Due to technical reasons, however, the second match and finals against Goethe Gymnasium Bensheim was shortened to one quarter which lasted 8 minutes. Nonetheless, our team played very well, eventually winning over Goethe Gymnasium 9:4. The match was very tight though, and ESF had difficulties getting through Bensheim’s defense. Fortunately, Sebastian Linzert managed to score two 3-pointers, along with a buzzer beater at the end of the match.

In short, the tournament was great, the atmosphere was terrific, and it was enjoyed by both the players and the fans.

Players: Alejo Pérez (captain), Lorenzo Fahr, Mauro Pérez, Mar Izquierdo-Desviat, Johan O’Brien, Matteo Grittini, Adam Wróbel, Andrej Mišík, Sebastian Linzert, Dimitris Giannakopoulos, Andreas Sideroudis, Marian Klotz.
Coach: Radovan Mišík

Andrej  Mišík

Interschool Primary football tournament

We are the champions!

On the 23rd of April 2024 our school’s P.E. department organized a football tournament among 5 primary schools – the European School Frankfurt, Phorms Taunus Campus, Metropolitan School Frankfurt, European School Rhein-Main and KidsCamp Königstein.
This tournament was played by the students of P4, and from each section 10 pupils were selected to play. They trained hard during breaks for a couple of weeks under the guidance of their sports teachers.
Hard work, great tactics and excellent teamwork was reflected in the final result. The ESF won the tournament!!!
Our team played very well from the very beginning, with many victories at the start of the tournament and a draw against ESRM. The last and most important match, also against ESRM, was won with a 1-point difference, cementing ESF’s victory and making us the champions for the second year in a row!
The medals were given out at the end and the travelling cup stays at ESF.  
We are looking forward for next year’s tournament, which will be organized in a different school.
Well done, P4 team!
Janka Mišíková
Primary P.E. coordinator

Eurosport 2024

One team, one dream 

Our Eurosports athletes arrived at Lux II at 17:00 on Wednesday and made their way inside for the opening ceremony. After a series of inspiring speeches, the athletes found their host families and headed home. 

On the first day, the girls dominated in the football group phase. With Valerie in goal and Bianca, Jessica, Zoe, Josefien, Marianna, Livia, and Sara outfield, few teams stood a chance against us. They fought like lions and managed to secure 6th place. The boys, including Alex, Ion, Kaloyan, Nicolas K., Filippo, Sebastian, Adam, Nicolas M. L., Hauke, and Benjamin, played volleyball. Through rigorous training, our school was able to produce a strong volleyball team and placed 12th amongst schools with two or more club members. 

On the next day, the boys played football. Our team, consisting of Leon, Adam, Sergio, Maxens, Filippo, Ion, and Luca, played with incredible intensity and with amazing support from the team. Having been placed in a very tricky group and experiencing some bad luck, we placed 16th. The girlsinstead played volleyball. The team included Jessica, Sienna, Ariana, Annalena, Catalina, Emily, Marta, and Eva. They spiked their way to 14th place, an incredible result when considering that many teams had multiple club members. 

Day three had a rough start. Our badminton team, with Benjamin, Ariane, Josefien, Livia, Luca, and Alexander fought for every set, but unfortunately could not secure a point. However, we did not let this demoralise us. We held our heads high and marched to the next event: the aquathlon. It seemed as though all of Luxembourg had gathered to watch the race. Bianca bravely took the place as our first runner, and established a strong position. David and Sienna, both highly trained endurance athletes, further strengthened our placement. The last two runners were Ariane and Sergio. Ariane made an incredible run, and then Sergio strapped on the tracker for the final stretch. He reached the finish line with everyone cheering and the drums beating. We placed 5th

As aquathlon is worth twice the number of points, our success launched us up the scoreboard, placing the ESF 11th out of the eighteen schools that participated. A truly remarkable result that would not have been possible without our team spirit and coaches: Frau Dahl, Herr Becker, Mr. Doué, and Mr. Mišík! 

We would also like to thank Theo, Amira, and João for everything they have done for the team. 

Luca Grittini

Feria de la ciencia

La sección española de la ESF ha organizado la primera feria de la ciencia en la cual los alumnos y alumnas de toda la sección han realizado experimentos científicos en los que tenían que explicar al público, tanto adultos como niños, en qué consistían sus experimentos: hipótesis y resultados del mismo y por qué sucedía dicho fenómeno. Con anterioridad, realizamos un taller de experimentos con Jesús de Cienciaterapia donde aprendieron muchísimo además de pasarlo genial. Ha sido todo un reto pero el esfuerzo ha merecido la pena y ojalá que esté sea el inicio de una nueva tradición.

The Spanish section of the ESF organised the first science fair in which students from the whole section carried out scientific experiments in which they had to explain to the audience, both adults as children, what their experiments consisted of: hypotheses and results and why the phenomenon was happening. Previously, we had an experiment workshop with Jesús from Cienciaterapia where they learned a lot and had a great time. It was quite a challenge but the effort was well worth it and we hope this will be the beginning of a new tradition.

European Schools Science Symposium 2024 in Bad Vilbel

The ESF has won the third place of the projects in the Senior category and the best Junior poster at the European Schools Science Symposium 2024

Once again, the ESF has achieved remarkable success at the European Schools Science Symposium. In the Senior category, our school, represented by Jakub Kranz, secured the prestigious third-place position among all the competing senior projects. Additionally, our talented group of S1 DEB students was awarded the prize for the best junior poster at the event.

This year's symposium was held at the RheinMain School in Bad Vilbel, Germany, from April 21st to April 24th. It brought together more than 150 students from 21 European schools, who presented a remarkable total of 62 projects.

Our students, Charlotte Hagon (S6 ENA), and Nina Hermans (S6 ENA), Jakub Kranz (S5 ENB), Martina Noguerola (S1 DEB), Anna Wenzel (S1 DEB), Eléa Groß (S1 DEB), showcased three outstanding projects.

Posters of the three projects representing ESF at the ESSS 2024 can be found here.

We take immense pride in our students' achievements and commend them for their exceptional performance at the event. They dedicated months of hard work during their free time to develop their projects. Their efforts paid off as they impressively presented their work to panels of experts.

Jakub Kranz, S5 ENB student, deserves special recognition for receiving the third prize in the senior category with his project titled "Can technology be used to train our ear?" In his project, Jakub developed an innovative app that offers an effective alternative method for teaching music.

Furthermore, we extend our warmest congratulations to the S1 DE students Martina Noguerola, Eléa Groß, and Anna Wenzel who were awarded the prize for the Best Junior Poster. Their dedication and creativity truly shone through in their project.

Image: Jakub Kranz (S5 ENB) holding his trophy for the third Best Senior Project          

Viva a Liberdade!

Viva a Liberdade!

No âmbito das comemorações dos 50 Anos da Revolução dos Cravos, os alunos portugueses do PP ao P5 participaram numa oficina criativa com André Sousa e Ioli Georgila em que transformaram o lápis azul da censura usado pelos ditadores em lápis da liberdade, atribuindo cada grupo palavras ao seu lápis que serviu para decorar a montra da livraria lusófona TFM.


Es lebe die Freiheit!

Im Rahmen der Feierlichkeiten zum 50. Jahrestag der Nelkenrevolution nahmen die portugiesischen Schüler von PP bis P5 an einem Kreativ-Workshop mit André Sousa und Ioli Georgila teil, in dem sie den blauen Stift der Zensur, der von den Diktatoren benutzt wurde, in einen Stift der Freiheit verwandelten, wobei jede Gruppe ihrem Stift Wörter zuordnete, mit denen das Schaufenster der portugiesisch-sprachigen Buchhandlung TFM geschmückt wurde.

Adélia Silva


Model European Council

The Model European Council (MEC) is a simulation of the real European Council organised across the entire European School system. As students of the ESF we were given the task of representing Spain and Latvia in this event and found it both enriching and enjoyable.
The primary aim of MEC was to provide a hands-on experience in politics, enabling us to grasp the functioning of the European Council firsthand. This was done through intense research that allowed for interesting discussions which helped us to better understand the political stances of each country in the EU.
A major highlight of this experience was working within the premises of the European Convention Centre in Luxembourg. This EU institution created an authentic experience for us students and allowed us all to fully immerse ourselves in our roles as politicians. Another standout moment was the speech delivered by Jean-Claude Juncker at the final ceremony of the event. Hearing the words (although in French) of such an experienced politician gave us invaluable insights into EU affairs and sparked our further interest in the complicated field of politics.
Overall, our participation in MEC not only broadened our knowledge but also taught us skills in diplomacy, negotiation, and showed us what it means to reach a consensus. We are all very grateful to have been given the opportunity of participating in MEC and wish all future ESF participants luck! 

by Yana Nikolova

Fobizz Certificate

The ESF has offered teachers and staff to take part in a variety of different in-service-trainings offered by the platform fobizz, giving them the opportunity to choose from a wide range of courses on AI, digital tools, teaching approaches, etc.

fobizz honours schools that are particularly committed to digital education and awarded the ESF with the label “fobizz-Schule – Digital fit für die Zukunft”.

Mathematik-Olympiade – die zweite Runde

Schüler der Europäischen Schule Frankfurt nehmen an einer Vielzahl von Wettbewerben im Laufe des Schuljahres teil.

Zu Beginn des Schuljahres wird die erste Runde der Mathematik-Olympiade als freiwilliger Haus­aufgaben­wettbewerb für alle deutschsprachigen Schüler aller Klassen P5-S7 angeboten. Die zweite Runde, für die man sich bei entsprechender Leistung qualifiziert, findet als Klausurprüfung in der Aula statt.

Dieses Jahr hatten sich respektable 49 SchülerInnen für die anspruchsvolle zweite Runde qualifiziert, wir gratulieren herzlich besonders den folgenden SchülerInnen, die jeweils Jahrgangssieger wurden:

P5 – Karl Tender

S1 – Lioba Philipp

S2 – Maila Peters und Irene Mathea

S3 – Sebastian Schlüter

S4 – Johannes Mihm

S5 –Matteo Grittini

S6 – Felix Klein

S7 – David Esguevillas

Das Foto zeigt die diesjährigen Jahrgangssieger bei der Verleihung der Urkunden mit Herr Patscheider, Frau Clancy und Frau Werani und den entsprechenden Mathematiklehrerinnen. (Auf dem Foto fehlt Sebastian Schlüter).

Besonders stolz sind wir in diesem Jahr auf Lioba Philipp, die, als eine der 10 Besten ihres Jahrgangs, eine Einladung zur Landesrunde des Wettbewerbs Ende Februar an der Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen erhalten hat.

Wir wünschen Lioba viel Freude und Erfolg bei dieser tollen Veranstaltung!

Zweites Buddytreffen S1 und S4

Zum zweiten Mal in diesem Schuljahr trafen sich die Buddys der S1 und S4, um gemeinsam an einem Projekt zu arbeiten. 

Nachdem sie sich beim ersten Buddytreffen kennen gelernt haben und ein kleines Bastelprojekt (Glücksstein für den Buddy) zusammen gestaltet haben, konnten sie sich am 15. Dezember an der Wohltätigkeitsaktion „Post mit Herz“ beteiligen. Zusammen schrieben die Schülerinnen und Schüler fünf Weihnachtskarten an verschiedene Seniorenheime in ganz Deutschland, von Rostock über den hessischen Odenwald bis nach Hamburg ging die Post für die älteren Leute. Die Aktion setzt sich insbesondere für Senioren ein, deren Briefkästen in der Weihnachtszeit leer bleiben, weil es keine Freunde oder Verwandten mehr gibt. 

Außerdem wurde Weihnachtsschmuck gebastelt, der nun einige Fenster der Büros und Klassenzimmer der ESF dekoriert.

Organisiert wurde das Buddytreffen vom Counselling Team der ESF. Dies sind Beratungslehrer aus allen Sektionen, die Schülerinnen und Schüler unterstützend zur Seite stehen.

Der tägliche Treffpunkt für einen Beratungslehrer ist immer der Chatroom in C040 zu Schultagen von 10.50–11.10 Uhr.

Liebe Schülerinnen und Schüler kommt einfach vorbei, wenn ihr Hilfe braucht!

Ilona Barke und Dejan Kramžar Counselling Team ESF

[Photos: Dejan Kramžar]

Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr

The Planets' Christmas Dance

Why study the Solar System in boring textbooks? Why not build it instead and learn how it works by having fun painting, drawing and assembling it? After asking ourselves these questions, we decided to build a Solar System... with a Christmas theme! After much thought, we thought it would be great (and just as much fun). We look up on a beautiful starry night and dancing celestial bodies appear: they are the planets of the Solar System.

They dance around us every day of the year. Their name, in fact, derives from the Greek planetes meaning 'wandering', 'wandering' because in the sky they seem to change their position relative to the fixed stars.

The ancient Greeks thought they were the gods of Olympus who danced and danced their way through human affairs. 

Thus we have Venus, the brightest planet, in honour of the goddess of beauty; the one that moves fastest was given the name Mercury, messenger of the gods; Mars, a reddish-coloured planet, the name of the god of war; Jupiter, the largest planet, was paired with the most important deity of mythology, the king of Olympus; Saturn, which was the farthest away, was chosen as the father god of Jupiter and other deities. Uranus is the god of the sky and Neptune the god of the seas.

They wish us 'Merry Christmas' in a garland of flowers made from toilet paper rolls.

A sustainable project according to the dictates of Agenda 2030creates a model of the Solar System surrounded by a Christmas garland. 

The project is super eco-friendly, as we used toilet paper rolls to make the garland, while the planets are made of DAS.

We wanted to combine science, art and Christmas all together in one project. 

For Christmas, we proposed the dance of the planets in the night sky. The planets were constructed and coloured in accordance with their physical characteristics and size.

Flipbook: The Planet's Christmas Dance (in Italian)

S2ITA Prof.ssa Longo

Christmas circuit

The students of class S1 in the Italian section, with the help of the integrated science teacher and the laboratory assistant, have built the "Christmas circuit!".

We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Click here for a short video about building the circuit (in mp4 format).

L1 MTT Special Project

This school year L1 MTT has a special project on literacy with several activities that started on the literacy day in September and will go on until the end of the school year.

On the 8th of December the SWALS pupils of the P4 met all together, along with the P5 pupils, for a special moment of poetry about Christmas time. After the presentation there was time to celebrate with many contributions from pupils and teachers to a buffet of sweets and punch or tea.

Adélia Silva

Lampedusa project - We are on the same boat

Protect people, no borders

On the 3rd of October 2013, 368 migrants lost their lives in a shipwreck a few miles off the coast of Lampedusa. There were 155 survivors, including 41 minors.

That was not the first nor the last tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea, but for the first time the sea returned the many bodies of the victims and made visible, bringing right before our eyes, what happens almost daily at sea.

Following that tragedy in 2013, the Comitato 3 Ottobre, a non-profit organisation, was created with the aim of having that date recognised as a 'Day of Memory and Hospitality' at both national and European level, in the conviction that raising awareness and providing information on migration issues is a first step to changing the direction of current European policies.

The mission of the Committee of 3 October is to obtain the opening of humanitarian corridors and the activation of legal and safe entry channels for migrants fleeing wars, dictatorships and misery, as well as to guarantee a dignified reception of migrants and paths of social inclusion.

A Europe of Rights #10annidindifferenza is the slogan chosen by the Committee of 3 October for the initiatives of the 10th Anniversary of the ‘Day  of Memory and Hospitality’, that took place from 30 September to 4 October 2023 in Lampedusa and was attended by 60 schools, 8 of which from other European countries.

Also this year, the European School Frankfurt joined the event, represented by 10 students of S7 accompanied by Mr Alessandro Zangrossi and the school's director Mr Ferdinand Patscheider. Together with other 350 students from all over Europe, cultural mediators, volunteers, and experts in international law, they took part in 23 workshops conducted by various humanitarian associations and NGOs such as the UNCHR, Save the Children, Médecins sans Frontières, Amnesty International and the Scuola Superiore San'Anna di Pisa.

"Spending those days in Lampedusa meant for us a different look at the phenomenon of migration. We could see at first-hand what happens to people who try to flee their countries and the motivations that push them to leave, in most cases because of war. Moreover, we were able to understand, through stories, workshops, interviews, and testimonies, how refugees feel when they arrive in the host country. We also understood in detail how States operate in receiving refugees. We did also participate in the march of Memory to remember the victims of the shipwreck of 3 October 2013, it was a very touching moment but full of hope for the future. It was an emotional and difficult experience, but also necessary and educational for us. Lampedusa is the core of this topic and attending this event gave us the task of raising awareness in turn and disseminating this initiative! Although it is a huge challenge, we are convinced that with everyone's cooperation and commitment we can strive for a better future."

(Edoardo Di Buono, Viola Castellazzi, Bruno De Martino, Hanna-Felicia Rosati Åberg, Fiamma D’Alò, Matteo Fontana, Pablo Legendre, Manuela Masoni, Alessandro Maraschi, Tommaso Morlupi)

Protect people, no borders

That is, to understand that we are all 'in the same boat': women, men, children who cross the Mediterranean from North Africa and the Middle East to try to get to Europe; but also European citizens, because humanity cannot be stopped, separated and sometimes erased by borders, patrol boats and walls.

Basketball tournament

A few days ago, on Sunday October 1st, the traditional basketball school cup took place in the Süwag Arena, with the ESF once again participating. 

The tournament was thrilling from the first tip-off to the final buzzer, and the atmosphere was great.

The first game kicked off with the ESF playing against Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Schule (GCLS). The ESF gained the upper hand, emerging victorious with a commanding score of 35-6. The ESF players' coordinated efforts and precision on both ends of the court left GCLS struggling to keep pace.

After the half-time performance, the ESF played the finals against Kopernikus Schule. This game was tough and players were nervous, with the score being mostly even for the duration of the match. Unfortunately, at the end, when the score was tied - 15:15, Kopernikus Schule gained one point after a defensive foul by one of our players and won the finals.

As a player, I really enjoyed playing in the tournament. 

Written by Andrej Mišík

Futura ad praeterita: food from the past for the future

What will we eat in the future? Perhaps insects? Artificial meat? Or will we continue as we do today? 

These are the questions that the students of ESF's Italian classes S4 and S3 asked themselves after attending the Symposium "Italian Women Scientists at School", organised by the Italian Consulate and held by a CREA researcher on nutrition. This gave rise to the 'Futura ad praeterita' Science Project.

Science and literature come together in a journey that takes us back to the past and to our roots: ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

There is talk of synthetic and sustainable biology, there is talk of epigenetics, but we do not realise that the ancients, without knowing the meaning of these words, had already understood that only by living close to nature and according to its dictates could one achieve aurea mediocritas. We look for the solution in the future, we exploit the planet's resources, but we forget the teachings of the maiorum and historia, magistra vitae.

It is always a challenge to connect young people with the ancient and keep the dialogue between past and present alive on a daily basis, but not an impossible one: we kneaded the knowledge, declined the skills in various (s)formats and with various tools, waited patiently for the results (because the time we allow for the assimilation and leavening of what we have learnt is already the key to success) and finally... we fed on the knowledge acquired.

From Trimalchio's 'great binge' to the Catullian frugality and poverty of dishes based on the 'Mediterranean triad' (Cenabis bene, mi Fabulle, apud me... si tecum attuleris bonam atque magnam cenam, .... nam tui catulli plenus sacculus est aranearum).

Recipes, authors, literary and non-literary texts, linguistic reflection and social contexts, anecdotes and curiosities.... in the series: Primum vivere, deinde philosophari!

And thanks to the team of international reporters, authors of extraordinary interviews in English and German, such as the one with Aemilius Lavius, top baker in Ancient Rome, and Agathinos Lysimachus, top baker in Ancient Athens.


But the story continues.......

Yes, as promised at the end of the 2022/2023 school year, our exploration of the past for the future continues with a new instalment dedicated to archaeo-kitchen, but not only. Thanks to an initiative of the Consulate General of Italy in Frankfurt, on the morning of 17 November 2023, Simona Carosi, Head of Archaeological Excavations for the Province of Viterbo and Southern Etruria, and Carlo Casi, Scientific Director of the Archaeological Park of Vulci and author of 'Ancient Cuisine', will be guests at the European School. 

Both of them, experts in Etruscan-Roman food, will be in Germany on the occasion of the 'Eighth Week of Italian Cuisine in the World', organised by the Frankfurt Consulate in collaboration with the Dante Alighieri Society of Darmstadt and Würzburg.  

The ESF students are well aware of the theme linking the various events of this articulated initiative: "Flavours of Italy. Rediscovering ancient cuisine and well-being with taste: at the table with ancient recipes'. At the meeting on 17 November, in a multi-voice dialogue, the students of the Italian Section will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the topics they have studied and at the same time discover new professional horizons, in view of their future choice. Archaeology: why not? Being an archaeologist or archaeologist today means working in an international dimension that is increasingly multimedia, digital and scientifically plural. Futura ad Praeterita, then: the path of antiquity leads directly to the future. All we need to do is learn how to find it.  

Teachers: Longo, Cavallo, Sancassano, Cannata

Flipbook 1: Our recipes (in Italian)
Flipbook 2: The food of the future and... in our past (in Italian)

Avec ou sans eau ?

C’est sur l’invitation de La Grande Lessive® que la section francophone de l’ESF a rebondi ! 

Ce jeudi 19 octobre, parés de leurs pinces à linge, tous les élèves de l’école primaire et maternelle se sont réunis pour suspendre leur œuvre. 

Une guirlande artistique a coloré et égayé le passage des étudiants et enseignants de l’école. 

La météo a ajouté sa goutte d’eau puisque les œuvres sont restées suspendues 24h bravant les caprices de l’automne ! 


Cette installation éphémère se tient deux fois dans l’année, le jeudi, en mars et en octobre. 

Elle a rassemblé cette fois-ci 130 pays et 13 400 000 participants ! 

Donc, rendez-vous dans 6 mois ! 

La section francophone

Success in Kangourou contest

It has become a tradition that all sections of the European School Frankfurt annually participate in the Kangourou, an international mathematics competition. This event, which is divided into national and linguistic sections, is aimed at presenting the discipline from a different perspective than the usual school approach. Students from all over the world learn to 'play with mathematics', testing themselves through mathematical logic.

This year, a student from the Italian section, Tancredi Lo Coco, achieved outstanding results in the 'Ecolier' category of the Italian Kangourou. After an excellent placement in the first competition, which took place locally last March, the student qualified for the semifinals, for which the European School was assigned to Lugano, Switzerland. Having also passed this selection at the end of May, he then went on to the final round in Cervia, on the Adriatic Riviera on September 23, finishing 20th among all participants in the final competition.

Heartfelt congratulations to Tancredi: bravo!

Our students live in Finnish radio programme

On Sunday 18. 6. 2023, European School students Ronja Laakkonen and Viljami Peltonen were in charge in the studio of Sisu-radio, German Finnish radio channel. We met in the studio of Radio X in Bockenheim, where SISU-radio has a radio program every Sunday in Finnish language.

Topics included school, hobbies, midsummer and love for grandparents. The live broadcast and the real radio station were a bit nervous, but our young journalists got a great experience of what it's like to make a real radio broadcast.

Ronja and Viljami planned the content of the program together at school during the schooldays. Because the radio broadcast was live, they have to also learn beforehand some radio phrases and discuss on the structure of the program. They made this part of the project apparently well, because the Sisu-radios editor-in-charge Päivi Kantti and Vaula Aalto were visibly satisfied with the performance of our students.

The project was an interesting and instructive experience for both students and for the teacher.

Jouko Isometsä (L1-Finnish teacher)

KiVa information

The European School Frankfurt/Primary joined the KiVa program in February 2016. The Secondary school’s S1 and S2-classes joined in October 2022. Each school year, Primary and Secondary school pupils will receive special KiVa lessons. These lessons normally begin with Kick Off Event. In the Secondary school this event takes place in October, introducing the program to our new students in S1 and reinforcing the anti-bullying message in S2.

The members of the KiVa team are Ms. Korpimäki (Coordinator), Ms. Cerati, Ms. Crimaldi, Ms. Humphries, Ms. Połońska, Ms. Rathei, Mr. Reuter and Mr. Zangrossi. The task of this team is, together with the class teacher, to tackle any cases of bullying that come to light. The KiVa team works closely with all the Secondary school teachers, the school psychologist, the educational advisors and the school management.

If you suspect that your child is being subjected to bullying or have reason to believe that he/she is bullying others, don’t hesitate to contact the KiVa team so that the matter can be dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. You can either contact your child’s class teacher or the KiVa team directly:

If you have contacted the class teacher, s/he will inform the KiVa team immediately. It is then the KiVa team’s responsibility to tackle the possible bullying case with the support of the class teacher. The team will also inform the parents of students involved about further actions. Please refrain from taking further action outside your home by contacting other parents or students involved. Experience has shown this form of involvement is unproductive or even counterproductive.

A Parents’ Guide to the KiVa program is available in English on the KiVa website:  by clicking on ‘parents’. If you have any questions or concerns, the KiVa team is happy to help and support all S1 and S2 students and their families.

1. Runde der Mathematik-Olympiade 2023 an der ESFFM

Der Wettbewerb richtet sich an alle Schüler*innen der P5 - S7 unserer Schule.

Die Aufgaben können bei den Mathematiklehrkräften in gedruckter Form abgeholt oder hier heruntergeladen werden, es gilt die folgende Zuordnung:




















Lösungen können bis zum 11.10. 2023 bei den Mathematiklehrer*innen abgegeben werden.
Teilnehmer*innen erhalten das Ergebnis vor den Herbstferien von ihren Mathematiklehrkräften.
Erfolgreiche Teilnehmer*innen qualifizieren sich für die 2. Runde der Mathematik-Olympiade, die am 15.11.2023 an unsere Schule stattfinden wird.

Eine Diskussion der aktuellen Wettbewerbsaufgaben in Internetforen ist untersagt.

Viel Spaß und Erfolg wünscht die Mathematik-Fachschaft!