Our students live in Finnish radio programme

On Sunday 18. 6. 2023, European School students Ronja Laakkonen and Viljami Peltonen were in charge in the studio of Sisu-radio, German Finnish radio channel. We met in the studio of Radio X in Bockenheim, where SISU-radio has a radio program every Sunday in Finnish language.

Topics included school, hobbies, midsummer and love for grandparents. The live broadcast and the real radio station were a bit nervous, but our young journalists got a great experience of what it's like to make a real radio broadcast.

Ronja and Viljami planned the content of the program together at school during the schooldays. Because the radio broadcast was live, they have to also learn beforehand some radio phrases and discuss on the structure of the program. They made this part of the project apparently well, because the Sisu-radios editor-in-charge Päivi Kantti and Vaula Aalto were visibly satisfied with the performance of our students.

The project was an interesting and instructive experience for both students and for the teacher.

Jouko Isometsä (L1-Finnish teacher)

KiVa information

The European School Frankfurt/Primary joined the KiVa program in February 2016. The Secondary school’s S1 and S2-classes joined in October 2022. Each school year, Primary and Secondary school pupils will receive special KiVa lessons. These lessons normally begin with Kick Off Event. In the Secondary school this event takes place in October, introducing the program to our new students in S1 and reinforcing the anti-bullying message in S2.

The members of the KiVa team are Ms. Korpimäki (Coordinator), Ms. Cerati, Ms. Crimaldi, Ms. Humphries, Ms. Połońska, Ms. Rathei, Mr. Reuter and Mr. Zangrossi. The task of this team is, together with the class teacher, to tackle any cases of bullying that come to light. The KiVa team works closely with all the Secondary school teachers, the school psychologist, the educational advisors and the school management.

If you suspect that your child is being subjected to bullying or have reason to believe that he/she is bullying others, don’t hesitate to contact the KiVa team so that the matter can be dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. You can either contact your child’s class teacher or the KiVa team directly: LIST-FRF-KIVA-SEC@eursc.eu.

If you have contacted the class teacher, s/he will inform the KiVa team immediately. It is then the KiVa team’s responsibility to tackle the possible bullying case with the support of the class teacher. The team will also inform the parents of students involved about further actions. Please refrain from taking further action outside your home by contacting other parents or students involved. Experience has shown this form of involvement is unproductive or even counterproductive.

A Parents’ Guide to the KiVa program is available in English on the KiVa website: www.kivaprogram.net  by clicking on ‘parents’. If you have any questions or concerns, the KiVa team is happy to help and support all S1 and S2 students and their families.

1. Runde der Mathematik-Olympiade 2023 an der ESFFM

Der Wettbewerb richtet sich an alle Schüler*innen der P5 - S7 unserer Schule.

Die Aufgaben können bei den Mathematiklehrkräften in gedruckter Form abgeholt oder hier heruntergeladen werden, es gilt die folgende Zuordnung:




















Lösungen können bis zum 11.10. 2023 bei den Mathematiklehrer*innen abgegeben werden.
Teilnehmer*innen erhalten das Ergebnis vor den Herbstferien von ihren Mathematiklehrkräften.
Erfolgreiche Teilnehmer*innen qualifizieren sich für die 2. Runde der Mathematik-Olympiade, die am 15.11.2023 an unsere Schule stattfinden wird.

Eine Diskussion der aktuellen Wettbewerbsaufgaben in Internetforen ist untersagt.

Viel Spaß und Erfolg wünscht die Mathematik-Fachschaft!