European Hours

The intercultural, interactive nature of the European Schools creates the opportunity for engagement, sharing and learning across cultures. The European Hours syllabus emphasises the concept of our being an inherent part of Europe and yet Europe being a part of the world. Pupils are introduced to European hours in P3. Groups have one 90 min class per week in P3,4 and 5. The groups are mixed across language sections and they rotate every  four weeks. This means that the language of instruction changes regularly depending on the teacher.

At all times the focus is on thinking, acting and feeling European.

Projects undertaken always relate to the one of the following content areas:

  • The European Community
  • Culture and Civilisation
  • Environment
  • The Developing World
  • Living in a World of Communication

European Hours classes help to develop knowledge and to foster in pupils an awareness of their national and European heritage and identity, together with a global awareness and a respect and care for the rights and beliefs of others in order to create tolerant and caring members of society.

As citizens of Europe and of the world, the pupils will have an understanding and critical appreciation of the values of other citizens, while nurturing a sense of personal identity, self- esteem and awareness of their particular capabilities.