School Year 2022-2023

General Information

The Primary cycle at the European School lasts five years.

The Primary School admits children from the age of six (children  must reach their 6th  birthday within the calendar year of their 1st scholastic year starting in September).

In the Primary School, the focus is on mother tongue, mathematics and the first foreign language, but art, music, physical education, discovery of the world and religion/ethics are important – as are  “European Hours” where children of mixed mother tongues meet weekly for a variety of activities.

The language of instruction in the primary classes corresponds to each language section of the school. The SWALS (Students Without A Language Section) also follow courses in their mother tongue for 30 minutes per day in P1 and P2 class (150 minutes per week) and for 45 minutes per day in the P3 – P5 class (225 minutes per week).