ESF Primary School Homework Policy Link (12.2023)

The Purpose of Homework

Homework encourages the pupils to take personal responsibility for their progress through their own independent study and research. Homework should stimulate and satisfy their curiosity. From time to time it gives them the chance to complete work which was left unfinished in class.

For the parents, homework is a link between school and home. It affords parents a special opportunity to take an interest in their child's schoolwork, to foster his/her independence and to praise his/her endeavours.

For the teacher, homework is a means of furthering the child's autonomy,allowing him/her to broaden his/her knowledge, develop skills and to organisehis/her work for him/herself.

A Balanced Approach

The school takes into consideration the need for balance in the lives of our pupils.  It recognises the importance of children's leisure time and the place of extra-curricular activities in the development of the child.  After a day's work, which is already quite long, children need rest and relaxation.

In collaboration with the parents the school seeks to reinforce homework as a positive feature in the day to day lives of our pupils.