Admission to the European School Frankfurt is, as in all Type 1 European Schools, subject to so called categories:

Cat I:    staff of EU institutions
Cat II:    financial agreement between the school and companies
Cat III: private citizens, not belonging to the above categories. The school admits students upon availability of places. Please refer to our enrolment policy.

The enrolment period for the next school year will start on 1st December of the current school year and will expire on 28 February of the next year. Decisions on the enrolment will be sent out in April at the latest. Applications for enrolment submitted during the school year will only be considered for children of category I or II who are not in schools in Frankfurt. Please also refer to Information regarding enrolment procedure. Please only send original enrolment forms by mail (please do not send any forms by e-mail).

Info & Contact:  list-frf-enrolment@eursc.eu

For the time being no information sessions and no school tours are allowed.

Information regarding enrolment procedure for the school year 2022/2023

Information regarding enrolment procedure during the school year 2021/2022

Enrolment Policy 2022/2023

Enrolment Policy 2021/2022

Table of Equivalences

 Confirmation of employment ECB, EIOPA, Cat.II

Privacy Statement ESF: DE / EN / FR / IT / ES

Enrolment Forms

Enrolment Forms for school year 2022/2023

Nursery: DE EN / ES / FR / IT

Primary, P1-P4: DE / EN / ES / FR / IT

Primary, P5: DE / EN / FR / IT

Secondary: DE / EN / FR / IT


Enrolment Forms for school year 2021/2022

Nursery: DE / EN / ESFR / IT

Primary, P1 - P3: DE / EN / ES / FR / IT

Primary, P4 + P5: DE / EN / FR / IT

Secondary: DE / EN / FR / IT