Infectious illnesses

In accordance with the German Infection Protection Law (Infektionsschutzgesetzt) it is mandatory that parents/guardians inform the school in case of any infectious diseases. In collaboration with the regional health board (Gesundheitsbehörde) this is a precondition to avoid or at least limit the spreading of an infectious illness. School attendance is then only permitted with a doctor's certificate. If illnesses occur that are listed in the Infection Protection Law, all parents of the class community will be informed anonymously.

COVID-19 - When are you allowed to come to school?

How can you protect yourself from infectious diseases?

To prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, good hand hygiene, and a correct coughing and sneezing etiquette should be observed. These measures are always advisable during the influenza season.

Parents are asked not to send sick children to school. (Coughing and sneezing hygiene, in German) (Videos, in German)